Specialty Rollers Are Our Business.

Gem Roller Inc. was founded in 1975 to service local printers' roller needs. In 1985, the company was sold to the present owner. In 1990, Gem Roller Inc. started shifting toward specialty type rollers.

Working with local customers, we determined there was a need for someone to produce lower cost specialty type rollers, such as plate processors, film processors, dampening unit rollers, feed rolls, folder rolls, blanket cleaner rolls, etc. We also ran into many customers who had older equipment no longer serviced by the OEM. We offer different hardnesses of rubber, special finishes and special compounds.

We have dealt with many customers who simply pay too much to purchase a roller from an OEM. If we can't make your core or know anything about it, we offer recovering with quick turnaround. Many times we've had customers place an order on Friday, and we ran the roller in-house Saturday and Sunday to have it shipped by Monday. We also offer ball bearings for almost every roller we have ever run, at an excellent price.

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